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Plantes d'herbes

Support? A Manifesto

Dernière mise à jour : 9 nov. 2023

Or: What are miracles made of? And ones that are even visible with your own eyes (see below).

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"Make time and space for love." Such an injunction may reach you at the core.

"Love invites us to sharpen our intentions and aspirations from a place of deep inner trust." Tony Samara

Maybe you are thinking:

"What? You are telling ME to make time for love?!!!"

Here comes your sheer, indignant surprise: you have spent millions of benevolent hours helping (out of love), supporting, and bringing as much harmony and joy as possible to others or your family (out of love); you spend even more hours reeling for the world and looking for how to make it a better place (out of love)— lots of deep work often — and sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, and maybe like me and those crazy scientists (as the one in the film Back to the Future), you get beautiful, precious intuitions on how to help others, and you may start scribbling, writing, and researching solutions (out of love). And you love learning, a process that is ongoing (out of love of life).

And then there is all the importance you may place on being a good person on a day-to-day basis: if it ever happens that you have a negative emotion against someone, you would immediately take responsibility for that experience, exploring the source and looking to heal it (out of love for yourself, too).

Over the years, you have EVEN learned to do this from a FILLED cup, realizing that anything from an empty one is often not very helpful. For anybody.

On the contrary.

So you are asking to make a place for LOVE?!!!

Of course, you may be thinking — as you are dedicating a lot of hours to spreading love — that really what I mean is inviting you to consider the following: please, dear, carve out some quality time for love towards yourself, or with a partner, or time for just being with a friend, or meditating, or painting, or playing music, celebrating love. Yes, all that certainly

And for choosing herbs for people seeking healing.

Life goes by fast. Allow more life energy to be directed towards healing and healing your womanhood, manhood, or other hoods.

May we say: touché? Touché coulé. Un gros navire. We all deserve that earthly (self) love and happiness. Of course. Yet, are you there? It's now, folks.

Life is now.

Viorne lantane, Salève hill, May 2023

Have a little cuppa, one of an individualized infusion with specific herbal plants collected or chosen just for you (I really do make the time, with love as much as possible), and here comes some perspective: well, like nature, like Spring, may we always, always, ALWAYS return to love. (PS: This does not mean accepting everything or anything.)

Why would our herbalist invite you to "come back to love?"

Why all this talk of love in the newsletter from your herbalist?

(... Or blame it on someone or some situation, if I may add, Dr. Jung?)

Many reasons.

Mainly, I love nature's spirit — the amazing call for a "YES!" to life! That trust, that life force is love. No more, no less.

And plants are made of light (or call it love), and they bring to light what needs to be healed.

Granted, I can put it more scientifically. So here we go: plants are THE EXPERTS at receiving light energy to support their growth, using the light to create sugars, which then start a process called photosynthesis.

So this brings us to how you get support from herbs:

1) May we say that plants are pure love or light with the most specific indications and properties that are now studied thoroughly? Yes! Let's! Indeed, if in the past only intuition was the main healers' and herbalists' tool, today science backs up many hunches.

Request any scientific background for the remedies I offer you, and it will be a joy for me to delve into my files to bring sturdy studies forth. My academic past is still part, and will always be, part of me.

2) For your herbalist, healing is a main condition to delve into happiness, into a daily renewed love of life, or of people around you. A love that shines deeply (again and again).

Genuinely. In your actions, too. Daily.

3) Does your herbalist suggest you to open up again and trust, even if it can hurt?

Yes. Gently. As gently as possible. We all know now that wounds can be genetically inherited, running deep. And they can hurt.

5) Deep down, the following questions are asked: how much does this person want to change and transform? Will they accept the healing process? How fast? How slowly?

Here is an example of how that healing process can unfold: if someone is allergic to Spring, but wishes to heal from such an invalidating, itchy situation, will plants (often considered CULPRITS, the cause of the allergy) help? Or would plants increase the allergy? Or make the person unveil a period of emotional turmoil?

WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT your herbalist (me) was SUPER ALLERGIC to ALL PLANTS, as a chil, teenager and young adult?

And that I have had the honor to help others (and myself) calm (and, in certain cases, heal) this auto-immune condition. And I will add: can plants heal allergies. In my experience yes.

What is certain though is that the ego is not crazy about change.

Chances are that underneath the allergy—aka the reactivity towards something not dangerous but that the body thinks is a threat—there is a deep wound, and the allergy pops up as a way the body finds to call out for help. Come here! I need to be reassured here! That is where plant love enters.

Allergies need NOT continue for life.

If you are ready to work towards healing them,

Consider scheduling an appointment here

How do I support people with allergies?

Depending on the allergy, I will first turn towards lots of plants that reassure, that console, that tell the body and mind, "You are safe." And then move on with other elixirs, herbs, and supplements, based as much on research as on intuition and understanding of your very specific situation, to help you climb out of any remaining allergic reactions.

8) The herbalist knows that there is no time to lose.

She is reminded constantly of how Spring, and Summer, Fall, and even WINTER plants cry out loud: MAKE TIME (and space) FOR LOVE!

For your herbalist, medicinal plants are a powerful call to give up life-draining and health-sucking habits.

These habits constrict bodies, flow, life energies, and joy. And this is again where medicinal plants can help you. Because I bet you have asked yourself:

  • How can I stop putting things under the carpet?

  • How can I place those uncomfortable emotions in the light of love (instead of eating something yummy to hide the discomfort)?

  • How can I stop tensing up the body when stressed and yelling at someone when triggered, creating a cascade of cortisol and adrenal issues that may wake you up at night?

  • How can I stop drinking too much alcohol or drowning myself in media consumption and other addictions?

  • How can I stop betraying loved ones, which is also a way of betraying myself?

  • How can I stop picking your nose when (I think) nobody is watching?

  • How can I be more organized; procrastinate less; feel secure and motivated?

  • How can I find meaning to my life?

Or simply, and so importantly, how can I learn to sit with myself and enjoy my life and breathe, allowing myself to rest (yes, true rest, without an apéro, a date or a super busy schedule)?

9) Your herbalist believes that when you become aware of what needs to change, plants come and help make it all less uncomfortable and painful. And as one of the people I assist currently wrote, "You give us a buffet of solutions to pick from."

Yes indeed. In addition to supporting healing, plants are so amazing at making the process of change less painful.

I have also experienced this, and I trust you already know this too: healings are worth the discomfort and adventure.

OOOO would you not agree that happiness is really free and can be so much better than even a trip to the other side of the world (or any kind of shopping) (or an expensive mere distraction from pain)?

Genuine healing elicits us to change something that we think may hurt so badly, that it scares us so much.... Plants remind us and support in having the courage to open up, and re-enter the circle and joys of life.

Yes. Despite the super painful experiences that are often genetically inherited (and again, this has been scientifically proven; references are on demand), despite the pain and the fear, you will most likely never regret your healing.

Could this movement of opening up—again, despite the possible pain—allow genuine miracles to happen, organically?

Is it cliché to say that most times, miracles are small and discreet?

My favorite miracles are: breathing better, less fear, more life energy, more laughs, and more time to drink tea or help people. More depth in conversations. People who do not lie. People who courageously recognize their mistakes and make amends. Or here is also one of those unseen miracles: one of my elderly acquaintances started going on a walk even though, for months, he had not been able to muster up the courage to do so as he had too much pain in the body. Simply being happy to be alive again.

And sometimes, miracles are HUGE.

Downright visible miracle:

May we talk about a downright miracle? Thank you medicinal plants, life, family, and meditation teacher

The wooden space is the new petite herboristerie.

And the big garden, too.

Recently, I have been wanting to share with you all—those who read my words or honor me with their trust during consultations or workshops—that I had NEVER thought of owning a home, and I do NOT buy into New Age visualization boards or practices.

Again, please listen: I have done no so-called "vision board" to manifest this house/herbal spaec and land.

Again, please listen: it is the healing, the opening up, the forgiving process—the making time and space for love. For medicinal plants. For what connects me to the world and to loved ones.

Flash back: as a child, we traveled a lot, and the companies my father worked for had it that we could stay in 5-star hotels and eat the finest foods. Each time we would enter a posh place - and I would be treated as a queen - I would think: I do not deserve this. I have rendered no service to humanity yet.

Basically, I was not taking things for granted.

Money (from my parents) does not make me special. Only my contribution to the world does. These were my thoughts as early as I can remember.

So what can I do to help people? But genuinely.

Not just on the surface and for a few hours or a few days. Deeply. This is my ongoing question.

This question is a life habit I have grown into, and this is why I feel so confident supporting you: answers to your questions flow in when you walk in my little wooden miracle, my new herbal space.

What can I do to help you - on a deep level?

Dreams of plants come rushing in, often before your consultation time. But mainly, what I see is that it all boils down to one thing: what do you do to bring love to yourself? And where is a door where love can flow in?

Do you make time and space to love yourself?

Again, may I remind you, I am not encouraging you to make time for more entertainement or more kinds of escape (games). There is no time for more draining food or some kind of powerful and destructive addictive illusion.

So life has provided me with a responsibility and the most beautiful place to practice herbalism: although I had very little savings left, no "troisième pillier" (a very Swiss thing without which you basically cannot pretend to own a home currently in Switzerland), some advice from a former and elder Waldorf school eurythmist, my inner voice and my meditation teacher since 2008, Tony Samara, suggested:"I think you can trust this purchase is possible."

Suddenly miracles started adding up:

And here came a donation, another huge donation, a beautiful loan, some amazing financial wisdom tips and support from my 80 ++ alert and fit mother and implicated father, a super financial supporter from an insurance company, and a Swiss bank willing to trust my herbal projects and family. Result? At the end of March, the purchase was signed. In Switzerland. In Geneva (one of the most expensive places on Earth).

And now it is all set up, with quality curtains from my parents' home over 30 years ago, in the midst of eight beautiful oak trees.

A space for deep nurture

My "safe place," confessed a person in consultation.

May we, as humankind, plunge more into heartfelt relations with ourselves and with nature around us, and may we create healthy bonds around us and in our daily lives.

And yes, sometimes it hurts to wake up. It is no use harming anyone around us when this happens. Instead, plants help calm anger or fear.

I look forward to helping you if you resonate with the way I work with plants and how I put them in connection with your situation and your life force.


Your herbalist

Consultations: please go explore possibilities here

"Love invites us to shape our intentions and aspirations from a place of deep inner trust." Tony Samara

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Hi Erika, your manifesto is really lovely -- it's very you! a mix of thoughts and images and gentle guidings and nudges and soulful musings. I can see why your business is doing well -- you emanate support and kindness but also wit and grit. I like the point about finding plants that will reassure the body and send it certain signals – from my experience that is a really accurate description about how the body works, i.e. it gets ‘messages’ and either tenses or relaxes depending on what it thinks it's hearing. Many of those message are completely subliminal and yes, I think plants can operate on exactly that frequency. And congratulations on the gorgeous house -- it looks…

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Dear Agnieszka, such a beautiful echo to the write-up. Thank you from the heart 🍀❤️

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